듅뿀, 떎슜, 뵒옄씤, 긽몴, 빐쇅, 踰뺣Т遺꽌媛 엳쑝硫, '듅뿀' 遺꽌 븘옒 솕븰, 빟븰&깮紐낃났븰, 쟾옄, 湲곌퀎씠 엳쓬.


    Jae-Woong Yoon is in charge of Hansung Intellectual Property's Chemistry Group. He and his colleagues all have extensive experience in chemistry and intellectual property. They provide our clients with the best quality of patent prosecution and litigation services in the subfields of organic and inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, material engineering, polymer engineering, textiles and food engineering. Mr. Yoon and his associates work with clients on leading-edge innovations, all of which are based on chemistry. Since they speak the language and know the science first hand, these attorneys are genuine experts. Their in-depth understanding of intellectual property law permits them to give maximum protection to clients' ideas and inventions. As with other departments at Hansung Intellectual Property, they know business and can help move products and technology to the marketplace. Our clients benefit from our legal and technical expertise in a multiplicity of ways.

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    Kyu-Pal Choi, who founded Hansung Intellectual Property in 1990, leads the firm's Pharmaceutics Group. He and the other patent attorneys in the group are also certified pharmacists. Thus they can provide top-quality professional services for prosecution and litigation in the area of pharmaceutical patents. They have a remarkable track record before the Industrial Property Tribunal, the Patent Court and the Supreme Court. Patent protection is especially important in the pharmaceutical industry, and the Pharmaceutics Group at Hansung Intellectual Property is second to none. With expertise envied by our competitors, we represent a number of clientele, both famous and obscure. They entrust us with cases involving their highly valued intellectual property븊he patents on drugs that are vital to their growth. We have represented pharmaceutical clients for two decades now, handling a plethora of cases뷷verything from cardiovascular drugs to painkillers to hormone replacement. Mr. Choi and his colleagues are well prepared to meet every challenge on behalf of our clients in the ever-changing field of pharmaceuticals.

    Ki-Young Kwak is in charge of the Biotechnology Group at Hansung Intellectual Property. Biotechnology is one of the most rapidly evolving technical fields. By keeping up with the latest developments, our attorneys give inventors appropriate advice and comments on the patent requirements for biotechnology inventions, such as deposition of microorganisms, preparation and submission of sequence listings and so on. Ms. Kwak and her colleagues majored in biotechnology in their university days and have accumulated abundant experience in it and all related fields. The services provided by Hansung Intellectual Property's Biotechnology Group range from patent prosecution to patent infringement suits concerning biotech-related inventions. They are quite capable of monitoring patent activity in the biotechnology field, sharing this expertise with clients. Ms. Kwak, et al. have a deep understanding of the patent examination guidelines, examination practices, and case laws for Korea as well as the United States Patent & Trademark Office, European Patent Office and Japan Patent Office. They are dedicated to obtaining optimum protection for the firm's longstanding biotech clients, and new ones seek their services all the time.

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    The Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Group at Hansung Intellectual Property, led by In-Ho Choi, keeps our clients up to date about patenting activities in the field of electrical engineering. The skilled attorneys in this group hold advanced degrees and have a critical understanding of how science, business and patent law interrelate. Hansung Intellectual Property clients are individuals and corporations, domestic and foreign. They come to us for help in getting patents in areas such as computer hardware, software, electronics, communications, semiconductors and optics, as well as more traditional electrical and electronic technologies for the manufacturing industry. Mr. Choi and his associates are versed in all aspects of their specialty as well as intellectual property as a whole.

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    The Trademark at Hansung Intellectual Property is led by Bong-Seok Park, who has an impressive resume. He spent 14 years at the Ministry of Trade and Industry as well as the KIPO. Mr. Park was also a leader at the Korea Invention Promotion Association and the Korea Institute of Intellectual Property. Under his direction, Hansung셲 trademark attorneys and staff members work diligently to provide high-quality service. The firm has a wide array of clients in need of trademark expertise. Mr. Park and his colleagues handle Korean and foreign registration of trademarks and service marks, and conduct searches to determine priority and availability of such marks, and related tasks. They negotiate and draft licenses and other agreements, and are skilled in dispute resolution.

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    Outgoing patent applications are very important in business, and they can be expensive. So, firstly the skilled attorney in the area봠hemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, inorganic materials, electrical/mechanical engineering, computer engineering and so on봞nalyzes and complements the contents of inventions carefully and makes a draft in English, and secondly our in-house editor (a native English speaker) reviews English expressions of the draft before outgoing patent applications are filed in order to minimize the cost and the number of Office Actions. This process also tends to expedite allowance of patent applications. We have established a close cooperative relationship with more than 100 overseas patent agents, and handled more than 2,000 outgoing patent applications for our clients. Thus we have business contacts in many countries. We also have handled outgoing related business such as investigations and inquiries regarding patent disputes.

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